Our work in MUST emphasizes and seeks to advance dialogue on the multispecies transition. Last Friday (April 12th, 2024) we began our engagement with the Finnish Parliament, as we met with MP Minja Koskela (Vas.) to discuss current topics of biodiversity conservation at the national and municipal level. We will continue our meetings with members of other parliamentary groups in the near future.

Biodiversity conservation is a complex process and there is no one right way to promote multispecies transitions. This is why we actively organise meetings and events with people across the society.

Please join us!

Please follow our LinkedIn group to stay up to date, join our events and be in touch with any questions.

Our next public event is the MUST Festival 2024, June 7-8 in Turku, where we showcase our work to the general public and connect with the local community in Turku.

The picture is taken on the steps of the Pikkuparlamentti ("Little Parliament"). From left to right: Minja Koskela, Christopher Raymond, Kari Jalonen and Valtteri Aaltonen.

Are you interested? Let’s get in touch soon and meet around the multispecies transition!

Christopher M. Raymond, Ph.D.

Professor, University of Helsinki

Principal Investigator, MUST


Kari Jalonen, D.Sc.

Leading Researcher, Demos Helsinki

Interaction Lead, MUST


Valtteri Aaltonen, D.Sc.

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki

Researcher, MUST WP6