Together to support multispecies transitions

We combine research with stakeholder interactions to push for a fundamental change in biodiversity management

Research team

Co-creating knowledge to interrelate the needs of humans and other species

Our interdisciplinary team brings together researchers from environmental education to human geography, environmental economics, spatial ecology, resilience in urban and regional planning and geospatial approaches, exploring how to change our relationship with nature.

  • University of Helsinki
    Helsinki, Finland

Christopher Raymond

Project Director

Erik Andersson

Jonathan Carruthers-Jones

Silviya Korpilo

John Allen

Kira Cox

Margarita Kondakova

Valtteri Aaltonen

  • University of Turku
    Turku, Finland

Nora Fagerholm

Project Vice-Director

Yu Liu

Claudia Krohn

  • Demos Helsinki
    Helsinki, Finland

Kari Jalonen

Interaction Lead, WP7 lead

WP6 co-lead

Mariela Urra Schiaffino

Interaction Coordinator

  • University of Oulu
    Oulu, Finland

Pauliina Rautio

Maria Saari

Tuure Tammi

Roger Norum

Veera Kinnunen

Maria Hällfors

Aino-Maija Määttänen

Aapo Kahilainen

Jenni Lehtimäki

Risto Heikkinen

  • University of Tampere
    Tampere, Finland

Juho Rajaniemi

Laura Uimonen

Damiano Cerrone

Himansu Mishra

  • Aberystwyth University
    Wales, UK

Mike Christie

Saman Sobhani

  • Monash University
    Banten, Indonesia

Alex Lechner

Eka Permanasari

Risqi Saputra

Risty Khoirunisa

PhD Student

Stakeholder network

Integrating the values of nature in decision-making

We set the stage for a multisectoral collaboration, working with ministries, businesses, cities, regions, companies, organisations and local community groups to seek new approaches to manage biodiversity.