Enabling multispecies transitions

A paradigm shift to unlearn the framework of human mastery over nature

MUST is a research project funded by the Finnish Strategic Research Council. Our vision is to enable multispecies transitions in which humans and other species can adapt to a new way of life that supports their mutual well-being, without high levels of suffering or inequality between different groups of people, other species or populations.


The foundation for a multispecies movement

MUST Festivals

Bringing forward venues to engage citizens and communities in biodiversity conservation practices.

MUST Platform

A mobile audio-visual space providing an immersive experience for integrating research evidence and interaction for all stakeholders.

MUST Forums

Organising science-policy events to co-develop strategies for multispecies transitions with local, regional and national authorities and decision-makers.

Re-thinking nature-based solutions

Our approach seeks to change how humans relate to other species

Biodiverse and functional ecosystems are rapidly deteriorating worldwide because economic and planning decisions see nature as a resource, framing it as a source of capital.

We aim to understand the types of relationships between humans and other species that could produce and sustain ecologically and socially just outcomes.

Also, we aim to build social-ecological resilience in urban and regional areas by rethinking nature-based solutions processes, structures and practices from the perspectives of both humans and other species.

The MUST team

Experts in envisioning a new multispecies future

Our consortium brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers that have come together to launch multispecies transitions. Our complementary backgrounds make us a perfect fit to achieve the MUST aims.


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