Ensuring justice for all species

New strategies for changing nature-based solutions to support all biodiversity

The research aims of MUST

We follow a practical research approach that aims to shift away from dualistic viewpoints in favour of interconnected perspectives

Distribution in
NBS structures

We create methods and processes for ensuring that the benefits and costs of nature-based solutions are distributed more fairly among both humans and other species, supporting their wellbeing.

Representation in
NBS processes

We explore new ways to represent and integrate the values and needs of humans and other species into nature-based solutions planning and decision-making processes

Agency in
NBS practices

We show how often overlooked voices can actively participate in the planning and management of nature-based solutions.

Between justice and planning

We will work on three countries and support five cities and regions of different sizes and socio-economical contexts in protecting biodiversity in a just and resilient manner

Increasing biodiversity on campuses

Selected outdoor areas at the University of Turku’s Yliopistonmäki, Tampere University’s Hervanta, and LUT University’s Skinnarila campuses will undergo campus interventions.

These areas will see the planting of more flowering plants and berry bushes, as well as the introduction of logs for decomposition purposes. The aim of these rewilding efforts is to improve habitats for pollinators, increase biodiversity, and foster interest in various plant and animal species. These campus interventions are intended to support the well-being of humans and other species and to highlight the recognition and awareness of multispecies in our daily lives.

The rewilding construction for these interventions will begin in the autumn of 2024 Before this, the vegetation, soil, and other natural values of the areas will be assessed. Additionally, insect hotels will be built in the intervention areas in collaboration with various user groups. In the autumn, campus users’ opinions on multispecies and campus nature will be collected through a survey.

The MUST project’s work package WP5 is responsible for planning and implementing the campus interventions in collaboration with partners. Plant selections are based on research data from previous studies and environmental assessments conducted in the areas. The main partner is Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy, which manages and maintains the majority of university campuses in Finland, serving tens of thousands of users, including students, staff, numerous companies, schools, and other services.

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