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Targeted actions for a multispecies future

We invite all citizens, groups, and organizations to act against biodiversity loss

At the MUST Lab, we collaboratively develop and test solutions to integrate nature’s value in decision-making while also empowering individuals with the skills and confidence to advocate for biodiversity. This unique multidisciplinary collaboration adds value and paves the way for a sustainable and inclusive future.

MUST Platform

An experiential approach to elicit and integrate the diverse values of nature

The MUST Platform synthesises knowledge through integrating research and interaction for all stakeholders. The platform is a mobile audio-visual space, providing an immersive audio and visual experience for representing and giving agency to normally unheard voices, fostering the negotiation of multispecies transitions.

Results of MUST FORUM: Exploring possibilities for incorporating multispecies justice in urban and regional planning

March 14, 2024|Forums|

MUST’s Inaugural Forum: What are multispecies transitions?

November 3, 2023|Forums|

MUST Forums

Hosting dialogues to create planning tools and operating models for decision-makers

To find new ways for cities and regions to work together, we’ll host events where government officials, community representatives, researchers, and business partners will be invited to dialogues for the co-creation of new frameworks for nature-based solutions. It’s all about collaboration and sharing ideas.

MUST Festivals

Engaging citizens and communities in biodiversity conservation practices

MUST Festivals will bring forward venues to get citizens and society involved in activities like museum exhibitions, workshops, lectures, reading circles on multispecies thinking, and Bioblitz events for mapping biodiversity. With the help of the MUST Platform, showcasing the diverse values of nature, the festivals will be a unique way to engage and educate on biodiversity conservation practices and importance of other species.

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