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Integrated solutions 

Our methods and practical tools to implement multispecies transitions

MUST solutions (S) to achieving a just green transition include:

  • Experiential methods for learning and communicating about multispecies needs in NBS planning, used to build understanding of the consequences of biodiversity loss affecting society (WPs 2,6).

  • Spatial approaches to elicit and integrate the diverse values of nature informing a MUST Platform (audio-visual interface) for negotiating multispecies transitions (WPs 1, 3-4).

  • Cross-sectoral, nature inclusive governance frameworks, including a MUST Compass, an online tool enabling the tracking and coordination of NBS strategies, policies and actions (WPs 5-6), as a basis for assessing the resilience of societal actors and monitoring biodiversity actions across cities and regions (WPs 5-6).

  • MUST Capacity Building and Outreach Program for enabling biodiversity conservation at different levels in society. Solutions will be co-created in the MUST Lab.

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Multispecies justice: What is it?